Welcome to my (virtual) world!

Hello everybody! Welcome to HARTfelt, my new blog and soon-to-be website.

Many of you know me. Many more do not. So, first, let me tell you a little about what makes me, well, me.

I’m Glen. I’m a city boy with my country boy roots still intact. I’m sometimes thoughtful, perhaps occasionally profound, often silly, passionate about things that are important to me, but learning, finally, to take time to be good to myself once in awhile.

I’m gay, married to an amazing man, and am a longtime poz (HIV+) guy, working in an HIV-related non-profit here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I love all things food and drink-related. I like to reimagine the comfort foods i grew up with, and experiment with new ideas, using my partner as a “guinea pig” for these sometimes-successful creations. I also love foods from other cultures and places, and re-purposing the spice palettes and ingredients from these many places. I’m often found using them in new and unexpected ways. Sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much. I may or may not be addicted to herbs and spices, with somewhere over 75 in out pantry, at last (alphabetized) count.

I’m also a nature lover, and for that reason we are looking to move out of the Big City as soon as we can, probably to the vicinity of Kingston, two or three hours to the east, right where the Great Lakes end and the St. Lawrence River begins. Ideally, we hope to find an old heritage house with a little property where we can grow some of our own food, and naturalize much of the remainder.

So what is the blog, and website, all about?

For now, I’m going to concentrate on the blog. It will sometimes be issue-related, with topics such as human rights, social justice and community being likely subjects. Sometimes it will be about food experiments or about my favourite herb or spice of the moment. Eventually, it may be reveal little excerpts from my book-in-process, “Who I am Not”.

I welcome input, questions, and brilliant ideas. I do not welcome homophobic, racist, sexist comments or other “isms” that relegate me, or any marginalized people, to ridicule, hatred or threats. This is to be a safe space. ZERO hate speech tolerated!

The website portion will develop as I tighten my focus on how I will develop my brand and business model. Possibilities include Life Skills Coaching, recipes, community development, photography, and the sale of product lines that relate to those.

If you want to contact me, feel free to drop me an email at:

glen@hartfelt.ca (Sorry. This is not yet an active link)

glen. Sept. 12, 2021

Published by glenrhart

A thoughtful, silly, profound (and occasionally profane) guy from the big city, with the heart of a nerdy kid from farm country. A gay geek who dreams of a better world.

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